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Teeth Whitening Treatments at our Bend Office

Teeth Whitening Bend, Oregon

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. Surveys conducted by reputed cosmetic dentistry organizations say many Americans agree that a beautiful smile can have a remarkable effect on career growth. With people becoming more cautious about their smile, there are several developments taking place in the cosmetic dentistry field to address their needs. Tooth whitening is a widely preferred cosmetic dentistry treatment today. It is affordable, quick and safe when it is done at a dental office. If you are a resident of Bend, Oregon makes an appointment and visit our dental office for our Iveri Whitening consultation. Our experienced dentist Dr. Pavlovich recommends the best solutions for the aesthetic needs of your smile.

The color of your teeth and tooth whitening

The natural color of teeth varies from one person to another. The color shades can be broadly classified into four types which are reddish-brown, reddish-yellow, gray and reddish gray. Based on genetics, the thickness of enamel, oral hygiene and general health, the color shade may be different for every person. Tooth whitening procedures can help clear stain and brighten the teeth. The extent to which the color shade improves depends on the thickness of the enamel and oral health of the patient. Following are a few causes for tooth discoloration.

  • Smoking
  • Heavy consumption of dark-colored fluids like coffee, tea, cola and wine
  • Medicines like tetracycline
  • Aging

Teeth whitening process

The in-office tooth whitening is highly recommended because it is effective and safe. Patients can see the difference in the color teeth before and after the treatment. The dentist firstly checks teeth and gums for decay and infection. It is not advisable to whiten infected teeth. The second step is to take images of teeth and check the color shade using shade scale.

The whitening process begins with a professional cleaning to clear plaque from the teeth surface. A protective gel is applied over soft gum tissues. The whitening agent is applied over teeth. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, used as whitening agents, can enter the porous enamel layer and clear stain through the process of oxidation. A special light is used during the whitening process to accelerate the oxidation reaction. By the end of treatment, our team explains to patients how to take care of teeth to retain the brightness for long.

Are you unhappy with your dull smile? Make an appointment and visit our dentist. Teeth whitening at our office in Bend Oregon can help you brighten your pearly whites.

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