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Save your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment at our Bend Office

Root Canal Treatment Bend, Oregon

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is one of the more common dental treatments. A dentist performs root canal treatment to treat problems related to the soft inner pulp of a tooth. Root canal treatment is required when nerve tissue inside the teeth becomes inflamed and/or infected.

Without root canal treatment, the infection in the tooth pulp can result in an abscess, which in turn can cause damage to the jawbone, and often will cause significant pain. You will need a root canal to save your tooth and to ensure that the tissue around the root of the tooth remains healthy and free from infection.

Who needs a root canal?

You may need a root canal if a tooth is causing you pain or if the gums adjacent to the tooth are tender and swollen. Another symptom is if the tooth appears discolored and has become extra sensitive to heat and cold. If these symptoms reveal inflamed and infected pulp inside the tooth then your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure.

What we offer for our patients?

At Select Care Dental, we’ve invested in the latest rotary root canal equipment, so that we can perform efficient and accurate root canals without referring our patients to a specialty practice. Plus, with the use of our digital radiography, we are allowed to plan out the treatment by assessing your root anatomy before treatment ever starts.

There’s never been a more comfortable way to get a root canal.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

No. Though the condition of your tooth prior to the root canal may have caused you sensitivity or pain, when you arrive for your root canal procedure, your tooth will be thoroughly anesthetized before we begin. In fact, having root canal therapy on a sore tooth usually provides instant and lasting relief.

Yes. When performed properly, including protecting the tooth with the necessary restoration after root canal therapy, root canals are one of the most predictable and successful procedures in dentistry.

Once a tooth needs a root canal, this procedure must be done to save the tooth. If the root canal cannot be performed for any reason, then the tooth must be pulled in order to stop the progression of the infection. Alternatives to doing a root canal are to pull the tooth and do an implant or bridge restoration.

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