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Restore your Teeth with Dental Crowns in Bend, Oregon

Dental Crowns Bend, Oregon

Dental crowns are needed when your tooth has lost a majority of it’s structure to decay or cracks. At Select Care Dental, we utilize the most advanced CEREC technology to deliver highly esthetic and durable, full-porcelain crowns in one single appointment, usually less than 60 minutes from start to finish. No messy impressions, no uncomfortable temporaries, no second appointment! Getting strong, esthetic, tooth-colored crowns has never been easier and more convenient. Give us a call and come experience the latest that modern dental technology has to offer.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Crowns or ‘caps’ are restorations, usually made of porcelain, that cover the entire outer surface of the tooth.

In most dental offices, getting a crown entails two appointments: The first appointment the tooth is ‘prepared’, an impression is taken, and then a temporary crown is placed. Traditionally, it takes about two weeks for the crown to be made off site, then a second appointment is made to remove the temporary and cement in the final crown.

At Bend Dentist, we bring our 16 years of experience utilizing CEREC technology, providing full porcelain crowns, from start to finish, in one appointment, usually taking 60 minutes or less. Because the ‘impression’ is done digitally with a camera, the crowns made in our office are extremely accurate, ensuring an excellent fit. The preparation time usually takes 5-10 minutes. After that, the in-office mill ‘prints’ your crown from an ingot of porcelain in about 10 minutes. Lastly, the crown is tried in for fit, polished, then cemented in permanently. Due to the accuracy of the digital design process, there are typically little to no adjustments needed, and you are on your way!

Like your natural teeth, the life expectancy of any dental restoration depends entirely on good home care, diet, and coming in regularly for cleanings and check ups. If you have excellent home care and come in to see us at regular intervals, the life expectancy of your crown, like your natural teeth, is indefinite.

Because CEREC crowns are full porcelain, they mimic natural tooth structure and are very esthetic. Without any metal substructure, CEREC crowns tend to blend in to natural dentition, and won’t show that unsightly ‘black metal margin’ over time.

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